Sunday, December 13, 2015

Art underwater!

Have just returned from business trip to Hobart; a meeting with Marinova, a Tassie-based manufacturer of seaweed extracts used in medical, nutritional and dermatological products.

Apart from the great hospitality of Paul Garrott, CEO & Managing Director and Kevin Krail, Business Development Manager, another pleasant surprise was a gift they gave me. A book by Tasmanian landscape photographer, Ian Wallace which is in fact a collection of images from the exhibition 'Seaweed - art meets science'.

The image above is not from that project (it is actually a photograph that I took some time in 2008 during a day out with family at one of Sydney's many beautiful south coast beaches). But do check out Ian's breathtaking underwater images and I'm sure you will agree that something as simple as seaweed does have this wondrous mystique that is so far removed from the depressing hard lines of most of our built environment. Enjoy!

And finally, here's another 'underwater' artist - Jason deCaires Taylor - who is creating amazing sculpted forms deep in the ocean.

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